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I don’t come here much, do I?


Every few years I seem to remember I have a WordPress blog. Since the last time I wrote here, in 2013, my dad got scary sick, and now he lives in assisted living and is doing very well. The caregivers at his place think he’s quite a character, which is good because otherwise they’d think he was a horrible person, considering some of the stuff he says to them. He has a rating system for his favorites; Gigi was his #1 or #2 but she dropped down to #9 for giving him coffee instead of tea. He’s such a jerk. It’s good they think he’s fairly adorable, and I am well aware how lucky I am to have him around.


I’ve recently lost a lot of weight – diet and exercise, who’da thunk it? — and have a lot more to lose, but it’s going well. My face looks like my face to me again, which is really nice. I’m more of a pain in the ass at restaurants now, and if you knew how much of a pain I was before, that’s really saying something. I’m already looking to the future when I’m at my goal weight, and worrying about maintenance. (Mostly I’m looking forward to eating pasta once in a while.)


I’m still vaguely an insomniac but I do get enough sleep, and now it’s usually in a large chunk every night (or day) rather than several small naps through the
day, so that’s progress.


Someday I might get back to doing whackadoodle “Hunter” recaps and screencaps, but for now you can visit the old ones at hunter-and-mccall.tumblr.com if you like . I left off near the end of Season 3, and there are still some fun episodes to come before things get a bit … boring around S5 or S6.


Currently, I’m trying to do a few little craft projects, and it turns out I’ve forgotten how to craft. I’m sorry, friends-o-mine who will be receiving these gifts. They’re probably going to look crappy, but were made with love. (I have about 10 days so maybe I can do better. Fingers crossed and all that.)


Oh! I did do NaNoWriMo for the first time in 2015 and I got to 59,210 words before November was over, so go me! Now comes the hard part, which is finishing and revising my novel. I think it could be good, if I could just figure out what my female main character wants. GoalMotivationConflict, why are you hiding from me? My male lead knows what he wants, the dialogue and romance are not bad … but my girl needs more oomph. Oh, and I’m missing an antagonist, so if you see one around, please send them my way. Kthx.


If anyone is actually reading this, speak up! Wish me luck on all this stuff and tell me what I should be wishing for you. Are you writing something? (I’m good at naming books or fixing weird sentences.) Are you dieting along with me? (I can recommend my fave protein bars and fast food hacks.) Do you have a pet who’s a pain in the ass? (No real help but I can say “awww, bad kitty.”) Problems with your significant other, or lack of one if you want one? (Why are people so difficult?) Health? Job? Whatever. I’m here for you.


Yeah. I blather. Nice to see you, and maybe I’ll come around more often.