Watch out, world. Here I come.


It’s been ten and a half years since I have left the USA and now that I’m finally in possession of a valid passport once more, I’m itching to travel. Heck, let’s be honest, I’m going to Scotland like I always do, because that’s where my family is. The nephew whose birth I attended is now over a decade old and he doesn’t know me at all, and my niece has a 2-year-old daughter I’ve never met.

But I also have a sister in Canada, and now I can fly up there at a moment’s notice to do sisterly things if I like! I live about 3 hours from the Mexican border, so there’s that as well. Though really, I already eat at Melody’s Mexican Kitchen about three days a week and I’m not exactly a beach bunny, so Mexico’s not a big draw for me. But there are pyramids in Mexico, and Mayan ruins. OH THE POSSIBILITIES!


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